A Tale of Two Sun Signs

This is a tale of two brothers, born ten years apart, under opposing signs. The oldest is a Leo, the youngest an Aquarian – so different, as their parents and siblings point out – but so alike.
Both are stubborn, fiercely loyal to their families and regarded as somewhat eccentric. But the Leo will stretch out in front of the fire and watch The Godfather, while the Aquarian sits on the roof, listening to Eminem through headphones, watching the sunset.
Actually, they both love The Godfather and sunsets – it’s just that they have different ways of looking at things.
For an astrologer, they are an endlessly fascinating study. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. It is a fixed sign, meaning that its nature is to be stable and not subject to sudden change. Its element is fire – fixed fire burns with an unchanging passion.
Aquarius is ruled by the maverick planet Uranus. It is also a fixed sign, but its element is air. Air is intangibles and ideas and ephemera – Aquarius roams freely everywhere, picking up new ideas and exploring everything, while Leo tends the home fires. But Aquarius can be just as fixed about those ideas, just as stubbornly devoted to what the rest of us might think of as intangibles.
As Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is currently in his own sign, so both brothers have been affected by it. The Leo had Uranus in opposition, and has seen his life turn to chaos.
He has taken it all squarely on the chin, holding on with stubborn strength to those things that are closest to his heart – family, friends and values. His big heart aches for the suffering he sees around him, both locally and in the world at large.
How can anyone live on this planet for decades, he asks, and not be torn by the suffering of humanity.
The Aquarian, on the other hand, is used to chaos. At least it relieves the monotony.
“How can people live for so long on this damn planet?” he demanded recently. “It’s so boring.”
The Leo is always surrounded by small children. He attracts like magnets those whose fathers are absent for whatever reason. He plays football with them, fixes their bikes and dodges the attentions of their mothers.
He can’t help it if they see him as the ideal husband and father – he is, but his heart is given to another, and nothing will tempt him away. If loyalty were cash, this man would be Bill Gates.
The Aquarian tries to avoid children. He avoids emotional entanglements of any kind if he can. Emotions annoy him because they are so slippery, and can’t be fixed by practical application and logical thinking.
That doesn’t stop kids loving him. They adore him, although their mothers wonder what kind of an influence this roof sitting, rap music loving wild thing is having on their children.
Actually it’s a pretty good influence. When chaos hits their little world, when parents act like children and fathers leave, he sits with them and talks to them, and is obviously deeply moved by their problems. He understands chaos, he has lived it all his life, but that doesn’t mean he likes it, anymore than his Leo brother does, when it breaks a child’s heart.
The children love the Leo because he’s like the father everyone wishes they had, big, bluff, loving and reliable. They love the Aquarian because he’s a kid himself, a big kid who knows play is a release for many sad things.
Both have strong opinions, and are not afraid to voice them. The Leo propounds his theories in a big voice, commanding the floor, making sure he is heard. The Aquarian acts as the Devil’s Advocate – he presents the other side, takes the road less traveled and goes back to his perch on the roof if no one is listening.
Both are intensely loyal and devoted, but they deal with heartbreak in their own way. The Leo continues to hold a torch and hope that love will conquer all – the Aquarian looks at it from all angles, then files it under `experience’.
Standing on opposite sides of the zodiac, and separated for a few years by a family break up, the brothers have had to get to know each other again. This was difficult at first when all they could see were the differences.
Leo was shocked by Aquarius’ `don’t care’ attitude – Aquarius was equally shocked by Leo’s intense emotions.
Then Leo learned that Aquarius does care – he just doesn’t show it. Aquarius learned that Leo will stand by him come hell or high water.
They both realized that the one thing that mattered most to each of them was having a brother in the first place.
Now Aquarius delights in giving Leo reasons to be proud of him – Leo takes great pleasure in giving Aquarius the benefit of his generous heart.
It’s in the best tradition of `opposites attract’ – each completes the other. A lesson for both the astrologer, and humanity.


~ by Heather Blakey on March 24, 2007.

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