The Head and The Tail of the Dragon (The Moon’s Nodes)


The Moon’s Nodes are not planetary bodies – they are the north and south points of the ecliptic, where the moon intersects the path of the sun. The North and South nodes are always directly opposite each other, but depending on your date of birth, each node will occupy a degree and a sign just like the planetary bodies.

The Nodes of the Moon always seemed to be activated in a chart when something important is going on, like a fateful meeting or change of direction in life. The North Node of the Moon is called the Dragon’s Head and shows the direction in which we are headed – the South Node is called the Dragon’s Tail, and it shows where we are coming from.

In a natal chart, these points are always taken into account – they depict the soul’s journey, with the South Node pointing to the past (and past lives, many astrologers believe) and the North Node pointing to the future. It may be that some of the attributes of the South Node need to be flicked away by the Dragon’s Tail, while we follow its head in a new direction.

You can find the position of your Lunar Nodes by having a natal chart done, or you can get one free at by entering your birth data.

Locate your North and South Node signs. Note the sign of the North Node, and its opposite, the South Node, which will be in the opposite sign.

North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra: You are moving away from dependence on relationships to independence. Your destiny is to be a pathfinder, a trail blazer. It may seem selfish to move on and leave relationships behind, but it is your destiny.

North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio: Leave behind the obsessions and jealousies of the past and move toward a richer, fuller life. Cultivate good friends, good times and abundance. Your destiny is to find security without burdening yourself with anxieties.

North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius: For you, the world is fated to narrow, to become a smaller place. You may travel widely at first, but then you will find a place to call home, and your focus will be on more immediate, local matters. Communication will be the key to your life path.

North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn: Leave behind the endless climb, the striving for success, the consuming material ambitions. Your destiny is to find what you define as success – a happy home, strong relationships, and a fulfilling emotional life.

North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius: Yours is the path of pride and tradition, of leaving behind the quest for individuality at all costs. You will carry with you the memory of those who broke the rules to make your heritage great, and you will strive to live up to that greatness.

North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces: Not for you the vague and undefined dream – your destiny is to find solace in the details, in the perfect minutae of life. Rather than the grandeur of the artist, your destiny is to seek the satisfaction of the craftsman and the artisan.

North Node in Libra/South Node in Aries: You have been a trail blazer, headstrong and often selfish – but now destiny calls you to explore your relationships with others, and find balance between the self and the other. You may have many relationships, but you are destined to find the one who completes you.

North Node in Scorpio/South Node in Taurus: Your destiny is to dig deeper into your own soul and transform as the phoenix rises from the ashes of its old self. You need to learn to avoid jealousy and obsession and to leave behind attachment to material things.

North Node in Sagittarius/South Node in Gemini: The world is your oyster – travel widely, learn, seek mentors among the finest minds. Your destiny is to leave behind the narrow focus of the time and place in which you were born, and to seek grand ideas, great adventures.

North Node in Capricorn/South Node in Cancer: Your destiny calls you to leave the safety of the hearth and the fire side and climb as high as your mountain goat spirit wills. Your ambition should be to provide security and strength in business, and to work with the highest ethical considerations.

North Node in Aquarius/South Node in Leo: Your destiny calls you to break with tradition, and leave the ego behind. You will be less than conventional, even considered eccentric, but you are not bound by what others think.

North Node in Pisces/South Node in Virgo. Leave behind the details – for you, the Devil is the details. Let your imagination soar, seek transcendence and free yourself from petty distractions. Yours in the spirit that seeks communion with the infinite.


~ by Heather Blakey on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “The Head and The Tail of the Dragon (The Moon’s Nodes)”

  1. Gail,

    The North in Virgo, South in Pisces is so right for me!!!! I’m glad to see the Stargazers shining again!!

    Hugs and kisses,

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