What’s Happening Now?

This will be the first of a series of regular blogs on current planetary influences. What they mean to you pesonally, of course, depends on the aspects they make to your own natal chart. You can create a natal chart for free at the astrodienst site, where you will also find loads of free information to help you understand it.

As I write, the Sun is in Gemini, and Venus has just entered this sign, which is a lovely influence for Gemiminans, especially those born in the 1st-15th degree of Gemini (around may 21-June 5). On June 8, the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all be conjunct (the same degree or very close) in Gemini. For those born around this date, you will be able to relax and celebrate with family and friends (after all, it is the weekend), but don’t worry to much about schedules, because Mercury is retrograde in your sign and that means nothing will go as planned because of delays and errors. Just go with the flow while Mercury is distracted. It only lasts until June 19, anyway,

The Moon is in Aquarius today, which is less upsetting than the recent full moon in Scorpio. That was actually a Blue Moon (the second in Scorpio in a month) and these can be very intense, especially if you are influenced by Scorpio in your natal chart. A Blue Moon tends to bring about defining events that dredge deeply into your soul, hardly the sweet romantic influence of the famous song!

Aquarius is heavily populated at the moment, with Neptune, the North Node and Chiron there. The Moon’s passage over these planets could be a very healing influence, particularly for people affected by the Aquarian desire to reach out to others in brother and sisterhood. For Aquarians with a birthday yesterday or today, this will be a year of forgiveness and healing, and of meeting people who will bring enlightenment into your life.

Mars is in Leo, thundering through a fire sign, and giving Leos tons of energy with which to exhaust everyone else (as is their wont). But Mars in Leo is not terribly warlike, more an upright defender of tradition and spectacle. The Beijing Olympics begin on August 8, when the Sun is in Leo, which should be enough spectacle for any King of the Beasts. Mercury is also moving forward rapidly in this sign, so expect quite a few records to be broken. The Sun is also moving into conjunction with the True Node – stars will emerge from among the competitors, and this conjunction adds a touch of fate to the proceedings.

But all that is well ahead – take advantage of the Moon’s healing energy now.


~ by Heather Blakey on May 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “What’s Happening Now?”

  1. Yes, and the Moon’s energies for healing are so gentle and subtle. She truly is the Gracious Lady,

    Welcome back deat, I’m so glad to see this ‘rediscovered’ as it were.

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. I’m up for discussion and questions here, and if anyone has any other interpretations to offer…:-)

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