Who actually interprets a natal chart?

Every astrologer interprets a chart in his or her own way. Some see it as a kind of “user’s manual” for life, others see it as a psychological blueprinct of the psyche. Still others see it as a glorious landscape people with fabulous mythological figures. I am one of those and I will be sharing my `astrotales’ with you.

But everyone sees a natal chart very differently. It is a life, their life.

A life lived is a chart interpreted. Even if someone never has a natal chart drawn up, the life continues to be lived.

If a person was never told that progressed Venus had conjuncted the natal Sun at an age when marriage could be expected, something important would still occur at that time, and marriage would be one of the options. In the debate about free will or fate, the answer is quite simple really. Life presents us with timed options. We have little to do with that. A parent dies, something changes that is out of our control…that may be termed fate. What we do about it is free will.

An astrologer draws up a natal chart and is presented with a good deal of information about that person. But the astrologer also knows that much of this life has already been lived, and the chart interpreted, by the individual whose chart it is. The reason to have a natal chart drawn up and interpreted is quite simple: We are curious about ourselves, and want to know why the stories of our lives unfold as they do, and how they may unfold in the future. But usually it takes a crisis in the life to bring this about.

The astrologer does not often see a subject who is not in crisis, who is merely curious. People have charts drawn up when they have literally “lost the plot”. Suddenly it becomes imperative to know the elements of the story so they can move onto the next chapter.

From this chart circle, dotted with glyphs and numbers, a picture will emerge to experienced eyes. If your personal life is in a mess, the astrologer will look at Venus and the Moon and what is happening there. If life has always been a struggle, the astrologer will look at Saturn for an explanation.
You will ask, why me? The astrologer will say, because there is a lesson to be learned here.

Is it just a matter of being born at the wrong time?
No, this chart is a life, with good and bad aspects, signs and houses just like everyone else. Up to now, the client have interpreted it as best as he or she could.

But once the natal chart is drawn up, the client learns that there are things he or she can do nothing about, and other areas where clear choices can be made.

Up to now, this person may have been pushing the wrong buttons. Faced with choices, he or she may have been surrendering to fate rather than exercising free will.

The natal chart frees us from fate. It gives us information that helps us make better choices.


~ by Heather Blakey on May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Who actually interprets a natal chart?”

  1. This is a really interesting piece. I had my chart done many, many years ago – before I “knew” what I now know about some aspects of my past – but it was all there. I like the way you explain that the chart shows the opportunities we have and that we have free will as to what we do with them,I was rather a sceptic before having it done I must admit, I am not any longer. It is a long time since I had a look at my chart – reading this has prompted me to take another look.

  2. Don’t forget to look at the progressions made by the planets in that time, Jill, they can reveal so much. For example, a planet can move into a more or less aggressive sign, subtly changing the way you express that planet, and what you want from it.

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