Understanding the Role of the Ascendant (Rising Sign)

The ascendant is the sign that is rising in the east at the moment of birth. It is not the same thing as the sun sign, although both the sun and the ascendant will be in the same sign if you are born at daybreak. Otherwise you can be born at any time of day, and your ascendant will still be the sign rising in the east.

The ascendant represents the face you present to the world – your physical appearance, your manner of dealing with people, and what they perceive at first glance. But what they see may not always be what they get – a woman with Aries rising may seen aggressive, adventurous and confident, but if her moon is in the sign of cancer, she will have a well concealed softer side.

Here are the general meanings of the 12 signs on the ascendant:

Aries: The physical appearance is quite compact and powerful, with a competitive manner. Aries rules the head, so those with Aries ascending may sport a few scars here. Pain will be centred in the head, so there may be headaches, or even migraines. The confidence that comes with Aries rising may be a mask if there are planets in less aggressive signs.

Taurus: A slid stocky build, a fondness for pastel colours, good food and company are Taurean first impressions. Taurus rules the throat, so there is usually something attractive about the voice – perhaps a good singing voice. The projected personality is warm and friendly but likely to be stubborn.

Gemini: The appearance will be thin, sharp and restless. Gemini rules the lungs, so they need to take to avoid pollution and smoke. Geminis are ruled by mercury, which also rules the hands, so they gesticulate a lot as they talk. Communication is life blood to a Gemini, they won’t be seen without their cell phones, and if they don’t have a car, then they will have a regular taxi service, as they like to get about quickly.

Cancer: In appearance, those with the moon’s sign rising have a tendency to weight gain, either through love of food, water retention or both. Cancer rules the breasts, so the women are usually well endowed in this area. The eyes shine under the influence of the Moon, and are round in shape. They may appear moody and restless by turns, and enjoy being near the water.

Leo: Those with Leo rising have an air of genuine nobility. The hair is very thick and lustrous, the chest very deep, the voice usually melodious and deep. Leo ascendants are usually very good looking and always impressive. Leo rules the heart, so there is a lot of generosity and warmth in their approach to life.

Virgo: As a rising sign, Virgo is reserved in appearance and dress, with a love of neatness and the `preppy’ look. Even regular features and an almost obsessive attendance to personal hygiene make this rising sign an attractive one, but the appearance can be marred by frown lines and worry lines. Nevertheless, Virgo in the ascendant generally assures a youthful appearance in middle age. Virgo rules the intestines, and this sign in the ascendant is certainly an example of `intestinal fortitude’.

Libra: The appearance is generally attractive and well groomed, very pleasing to the opposite sex. The Libra ascendant is diplomatic and thoughtful, and eager to please, but they may seem weak and indecisive. This can be a mask, however, if they have planets in more aggressive signs.

Scorpio: The appearance is magnetic, with penetrating eyes and a sensual look. The Scorpio ascendant will give little away, however, even if there are planets in more outgoing signs. It is natural for Scorpio to keep secrets. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, which is one reason they enjoy such a sexy reputation.

Sagittarius: Generally long-limbed, athletic and active in youth, may run to overweight in more sedentary middle age. Those with Sag rising tend to be clumsy, but have an engaging, appealing air with a wide grin and a good sense of humor. Sag rules the thighs and the liver, and they do love to travel and party hard.

Capricorn: In appearance, they tend to be of medium height or less, dark or sallow in hair and skin colour. Capricorns often look worried, but this is an `upside down’ sign – they seem old when young, and young when they are old. Capricorn rules the skin and bones, so they are likely to be thin, angular and there may be a tendency to skin problems and arthritis.

Aquarius: Those with Aquarius rising are often very attractive, even beautiful, but not in a conventional way. They may be very tall, angular, dress in an eccentric manner, have green or blue hair, or generally march to their own drummer. Aquarius rules the legs, and they love to walk and stroll around the neighbourhood or the world.

Pisces: The appearance is often very attractive, with dreamy eyes and luminous skin. There may be a tendency to gain weight through water retention. Pisces rules the feet – they enjoy walking but prefer to be barefoot. They like to dress in a very personal way, with beautiful designs, colours and fabrics.


~ by Heather Blakey on June 10, 2008.

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  1. What a great post! Outstanding! Thanks for providing this — good info on ascendants 😉

  2. Wow, great post on this topic – very comprehensive and much better than the way I explained it…!

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    So true-Pisces Asc.

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