About Lemurian Stargazers


Since the earliest times, the stars have exercised a deep fascination. Today we know a lot more about the physics of the universe, and the science of astronomy and the art of astrology glower at each other over a seemingly vast chasm. But it was not always so – the old astronomers were also astrologers and it was their careful study of the visible universe that moved out minds beyond the confines of this planet. Some of them literally burned for that knowledge.
Today hopefully we are more enlightened and more tolerant of different viewpoints. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in astrology or not – there is much of beauty and wonder in the universe which you will find here as well as a discussion of astrology that invites all points of view.
For those believers, there will be some serious research and study, as well as some more light hearted articles on the subject of astrology. The comments boxes can be used for any questions you might have on your own charts or on astrology in general.
To have your chart drawn up, go to the Astro site, which is a great resource for anyone interested in astrology.
Other good resources will be posted in the blogroll.

The image above is from the NASA website, which is recommended for anyone who wants to look beyond this planet into the magnificent vistas made possible by the Hubble telescope. This is the Orion Nebula, which you can find in Nasa’s wallpaper gallery.


5 Responses to “About Lemurian Stargazers”

  1. What a great site! I shall look forward to the unfolding delights with interest!

  2. This is a wonderful site! I’m looking forward to learning more. But then that’s how we Taurus/Gemini cusp-ers are!

  3. Just wanted to drop by and say some encouraging words. Astrology is one of my interests too. The stars and space are a big part of my writing life. I look forward to watching this site grow. Perhaps becoming a supernova??

  4. Good looking site design, interesting content. One question and love the name “Lemurian Stargazers”- is there a story behind this name? As opposed to say “Atlantean Stargzers?”

  5. Thank you. Yes there is a story behind the name. Lemurian Stargazers is part of the Soul Food network created by Heather Blakey at http://www.dailywriting.net
    Soul Food is a community of artists, writers and creatives who are given encouragement and nourishment to make art a daily practice. We are an eclectic group with a diverse range of interests, so you will find tarot, art, and horror short stories in these blogs as well. Go to http://riversleigh.wordpress.com/ and click on the residential rooms to explore – as a recommendation, Anita Marie Moscoso’s stories are brilliant, but all the rooms are pulsing with creativity. There is so much to see and do in Lemuria.

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