The Landscapes of the Zodiac

In the Astrological Cosmos, each sign represents a landscape, a setting, in which the planets take a role, as players on a stage.
By placing the planetary archetypes, the characters of myth and magic, in these settings, it becomes a lot easier to see how they operate.
Scroll down this page, meditate on the visualizations of the landscapes and consider the imagery of the words for each sign. Take a scenic trip through the landscapes of the signs….

The Arian Trail


Come with us on an adventure…we are going into untamed territory.
We are blazing a trail for others to follow, across a rugged landscape where it takes all our courage and strength to survive. Some may call us rash and headstrong, but there is a contest to be won, and there is no point in starting if you don’t finish first. Let others who come behind toil in the fields and build their cities…our mission is to explore, to open up this wonderful landscape and see what it holds. If we meet others will we prepare for battle or bargain? Neither, if we can avoid it, for that will only hold us up while there is still uncharted territory to explore. We shall follow these trails, climb the mountain ranges and see what is beyond…and when this territory is claimed and won, we shall go seeking another.

The Taurean Eden


Let those hotheads rush on ahead…we have found a valley where the grass is lush and green, where the streams run clear, where nature provides abundantly. During the day we will work in rhythm with the seasons, not hurry at all, until the day’s work is done. At night we will gather in our homes and sing, and fill the table with food, so that all may dine with hearty appetite. We shall find luxury and pleasure to sate our senses, and create a new Eden, close to the things of the earth.

The Gemini Marketplace


Enough of this sloth…let’s go to the marketplace, where there is life and bustle, and bargaining and the excitement of children as they run between the stalls. This is a place where you can meet with others, and fulfil that restless yearning to be somewhere else…everything comes from somewhere else here. Travelers with exciting tales to tell, criers bringing news from afar, minstrels with their songs and merchants with goods that spill from the stalls like jewels from an overflowing treasure chest. Here you can find a dozen things to do at once, watch the daily parade and find a hundred strangers to talk to, without having to get closer than you want or need.

The Cancerian Shore


Forget the shallow glitter of the marketplace…come with us to the moonlit seas, where you can listen to the rush of the waves on the shore, and feel the gentle sea breeze caress your skin. Watch the crabs in the rockpools…do they worry about being first past the post, surrounded with posssesions or chatter and crowds? They carry their homes on their backs and they weather every storm, watching it pass with beady little eyes as they cling to their rocks. What more music do you need than the thunder of the surf, what more joy than the laughter of the children, what more entertainment than the memories you carry in your heart? By the light of the Moon that bathes everything in silver, let us travel the great river to the sea, and cast our fortunes to the winds.

The Leo Hearth


Come in from that cold moonlight and gather round the fire…have some ale, be with us in the heart of the family, and share in the benevolence of the Sun’s gifts. Wear your finery, and walk to the theatre with us on a balmy evening. You will feel like Royalty here. We have the best of everything, and take pride in our convivial inns, fine old restaurants and spacious gardens. We take pride in our great works and projects. If you are an artist, take up your brush, if a poet, take up your pen. You will always find an audience here.

The Valley of the Virgin


Your time in the fleshpots has left you jaded and sick at heart…this is what you need. We have a health spa here that will get you back in shape in no time. Fresh food and not too much of it, outdoor excerise without overdoing it, clear clean spring water, as much as you want…we don’t do things to excess here unless it is good for us. Our climate is temperate, so Nature here is not wastefully abundant. This is a land of cleanliness and order, a valley where your spirit can be refreshed while we find meaningful work for you to do. You will feel a lot better when you leave.

Hotel Libra


If you are tired of traveling alone, you’ve come to the right place…no one is ever alone here. Just look around, enjoy our fine restaurants, elegant boulevards and pleasant country inns – room service. We love room service here. Before long you will be enjoying it too, with just the right company. We like peace and harmony here, so please change your hiking boots and refrain from loud music after midnight…besides, you really should have something better to do then. And if you wish to delve further into the mysteries of romance, just step through this door…

The Scorpio Underworld


Had enough of sweetness and light? Come spelunking with us in the underworld…
How deep are you prepared to go to taste the hidden, forbidden pleasures of the earth? This is a land where you can fall very deep indeed. Make sure you have marked you way out. Our territory is not for the faint of heart or the paltrey of spirit. You will find beauty here beyond your imagining, and terror too, a terrible beauty in our landscape of fire and ice and deep, black pools that lead into the belly of the earth. We will bathe you in fire, cleanse you in ice and rebirth you from the womb of the earth as a newly risen phoenix.

The Sagittarian Circus


We are just passing through, but if you want to come along with us you can…we know no boundaries or borders, the whole earth is our playground and we travel as far as our arrows can fly. We carry silks and spices and all manner of exotica in these wagons…books and scrolls for distant libraries, stories, songs and tall tales in plenty. So much to learn, so much to do and see, and so little time…sorry we can’t stay, but the open road calls and you can always hop up on one of the wagons…

The Capricorn City


Welcome to our city, traveler…stay with us, for how can you get anywhere wandering around like gipsy? When you climb our mountains you have something to show for it, a sense of achievement and order, the respect of others and a reputation that will last all your life. In our city, everything is built to a design and a plan…some find it restrictive, but we find it enduring and satisfying. No one grows old here, they are born old and grow younger. But you won’t see these long lived citizens in our city streets…strangely enough they wander off, seeking something they never found here…they go to the next country, we believe….

The Aquarian Wilderness


Leave your prejudices and your preconceptions at the border, please…nothing is what it seems here. We refuse to be ordinary, we do not live by ordinary rules. The weather is very changeable, you could be struck by lightning at any time, the earth doesn’t stand still and the landscape is full of contradictions. We live in the future here, and while our minds are free, we find it very difficult to change them…you can be whatever you like, you will find someone or a group that shares your thoughts, no matter how strange…if you get in the way we will just walk round you but if you impede our thoughts, we will stampede all over you…

The Piscean Ocean


So you have come home at last, traveler…into the womb from which you sprang, the water of life that fills the rivers and grottos and wells of the world, the oasis of the universe where all dreams become reality…before you begin your journey again, know that this is where all your memories of past lives find rest, where your creative spirit finds inspiration and where you can rest when the soul’s work is done. Take your boat now, and sail off in search of greater adventures…and remember…”Those who would discover new oceans, must have the courage to lose sight of the shore…”


2 Responses to “The Landscapes of the Zodiac”

  1. Gail this wonderful! What amazing pictures and meditations! I am Scorpio and the image and words just sent shivers down my spine!!!

  2. Hi Gail, I’m late finding this wonderful page. Right on the nose with Taurus. All the signs are beautifully represented in words and pictures.

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