The Natal Chart: what you need to know

I suggest that Lemurian Stargazers have a natal chart made up. You can have this done for free at Astro and you will be able to save the resultant chart to your hard drive or print it out.
To have an astrology chart generated you need three important pieces of information – your date, time and place of birth. Most of us know the date and the place we were born, but why do astrologers need to know the time?
The time is important to get the chart completely accurate. There’s a big difference between a chart set for midnight on a certain date, and a chart set for noon. The position of the moon and its aspects will be different, and the ascendant will be different.
This is because the moon and the ascendant move much quicker than other bodies in the chart. There may be little or no different in the position of the planets, which move slowly. For example, a chart set to noon on June 30 1946 will give an ascendant in the sign of Virgo and the moon at 25 degrees of Cancer. Set for midnight on the same day, the ascendant will be in Aquarius, and the moon at 3 degrees of Leo. That will make a huge difference to the interpretation.
So getting your birth time as close to accurate as possible is important for an accurate reading. But what if you don’t know your birth time? You can still have a chart drawn up – just put 6am (sunrise) as the birth time. For the astrologer, this will mean some extra work trying to determine the correct ascendant and moon position. If the moon changes signs during the day, then the moon sign closest to a correct portrait of the client’s emotional make up will be chosen.
Those of you that have a chart made up, or plan to have one, can post questions at the Notice Board. I’ll help in any way I can with your queries.


~ by Heather Blakey on March 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Natal Chart: what you need to know”

  1. Hi Gail~ my husband did a natal chart for me using a computer program but I’d like your input on this question: It says my Sun sign is Taurus but I’ve heard your Moon sign is even more significant? Mine is Aries so what does it mean to have an Arian moon sign versus a Taurus Sun sign (actually a Taurus/Gemini cusp)? Thanks…..

  2. Mari, each planet in the natal chart corresponds to a different area of life. The Sun is your career and goals, and the Moon is your home, family and emotions. From this, I can see that your Taurean Sun seeks stability and good rewards from your chosen path. The Arian Moon shows you are a real warrior when it comes to home and family, you will defend both tooth and nail. This also shows emotional impetuosity and an inclination to rush in headlong, which conflicts with your Taurean Sun. Taurus is slow and steady, and these principals are best applied to all career matters and life goals. Rein in the Arian Moon when it urges you to do something headstrong and think out your actions first – but when it comes to home and family, that Moon will draw a line in the sand and woe to anyone who steps over it.
    Regarding cusps, I do want to say more about it later on but here’s my quick take. A planet is either in a sign or not in it. If it is at the end of that sign, it is still in that sign. If it is at the beginning of the next sign, that is the sign it is in.

  3. Thanks, Gail~ this does sound like me, although I’ve been working on the headstrong-thing in the past few years. My grandma used to call me “bull-headed”, which I though was particularly appropriate for a Taurus. 🙂
    If you’d like, in exchange for the help you’ve given me here, I’d be happy to draw a Tarot card or 2 for you.

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